The Cynon Valley Collection, is the story of our valley from the earliest times to the present day. It is the story of you, your family and friends and the people of the Cynon Valley. Each object in the collection has a story to tell, ‘Stories from the Collection’ takes a look at the objects which make up our collection, shining a light on the individual stories which make up the history of the Cynon Valley.

Dai Dower: Boxing Legend of Abercynon

The Museum collection displays boxing gloves, robe, tickets and memorabilia relating to Abercynon born boxing legend Dai Dower M.B.E, tangible objects tunnelling you back to a seemingly black and white 1950s past where televisions were rare, and the radio was the main source of sports entertainment for most people at home. Dai Dower was the […]

Women in the Mines

Women in the Mines Many people today can recall what the valleys were like in the 1960s, 70s and 80s when mining and steelworks were dominant. Roads were busy with lorries, the railways were in constant use, there was constant noise, rivers were black with pollution and dust was everywhere. Mining has never been a […]

The Iron Age Llyn Fawr Hoard

LLYN FAWR and LLYN FACH Llyn Fawr, and the smaller Llyn Fach, are natural lakes situated below Craig Y Llyn (Rhigos Mountain) at the North-West end of the Rhondda Cynon Taff area. Humans inhabited this area from about 8000 years ago. The earliest evidence of man’s presence was found in 1963 at Craig Y Llyn. […]

The Work of Paul Peter Piech

The Work of Paul Peter Piech – a lesson for all The museum boasts a large collection of linocut prints by artist Paul Peter Piech, including a small collection of ‘Racism is a Poison’ anti-racism series prints. A number of these prints were featured in an exhibition at the Museum in 2018. This article will […]



What do you know about the Co-operative Movement in Wales?

Follow this interactive historical timeline and learn about the origins and developments of Co-operative Societies in the Cynon valley, accompanied by objects from our collection.

Follow this link for the timeline.


Co-operative societies in the Cynon Valley were the first of their kind in Wales.

Through objects in our collection, discover the origins of The Cwmbach Co-operative Society, the increase in trade and success, and the subsequent amalgamation between the societies.

Follow this link for Part One of the blog.


The Aberdare and District Co-operative Society became the largest society in South Wales and was also known as the ‘spiritual centre of co-operation in Wales.’

Through objects from the collection, discover the history and economic and social impacts of the Aberdare and District Co-operative Society.

Follow this link for Part Two of the blog.



Join us as we experience a day in the life of a competitor in Nos Galan, the annual road race event which takes place in the town of Mountain Ash. We will take you on this journey through objects belonging to the Cynon Valley Museum’s collection, you can learn of the history, structure, and traditions of this fantastic local event. Follow this link for the full exhibition.


This year Nos Galan is a little different. It will be taking place throughout December, allowing participants to complete the 5km in their own time and post their results online. To celebrate this year’s virtual Nos Galan, we have a daily digital Nos Galan countdown, showcasing the objects in our collection that relate to this local event throughout the years. Follow this link to count down with us!


A Virtual Walking Tour of Aberdare's Jewish History

Join the Jewish History Association of South Wales and take a step back in time for a virtual walking tour of Aberdare’s Jewish History. Do you remember any of these people or businesses?  Follow this link for the full exhibition.

Merchants and Moneylenders: Popular Jewish Businesses in the Cynon Valley

Do you remember any of these businesses? Jacobs and Sons Ltd, Jane Cooper, Aberdare Furnishing Company, The Record Salon, M Sugarman and Sons and Victor Freed’s? They were all run by Jewish families. Research by JHASW has revealed their history. Follow this link for the full exhibtion.

Record Sleeve Sold By Victor Freed
The Life of Victor Freed

Victor Freed business, described as the complete house furnisher’s and musical instrument dealer’s. Opening in 1904 the business expanded and by the 1950’s had spread across South Wales. This is the life of Victor Freed told through the collection at the Cynon Valley Museum. Follow this link for the full exhibition.

Morris Jacobs: A Draper for All

Morris Jacobs clothed the people of the Cynon Valley. Starting out as pawnbroker Morriss would move and expand his buisness becoming famed as a draper for all people. This is his story told through the collection at the Cynon Valley Museum. Follow this link for the full exhibtion.

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