The Iron Age Llyn Fawr Hoard

LLYN FAWR and LLYN FACH Llyn Fawr, and the smaller Llyn Fach, are natural lakes situated below Craig Y Llyn (Rhigos Mountain) at the North-West end of the Rhondda Cynon Taff area. Humans [...]


Talk: Prehistory in Wales

Book Now for Tickets to Prehistory in Wales Join Cynon Valley Museum and Dr Steve Burrow Deputy Head of Public History & Archaeology at Amgueddfa Cymru National Museums Wales Tuesday 2nd [...]


The Cynon Valley in Prehistory: The Bronze Age

The Bronze Age The Bronze Age period stretches across the end of the Neolithic, 1750 years from 2500BC to 750BC to the start of the Iron Age. In comparison, that would be the same as seeing the [...]


The Cynon Valley in Prehistory: The Neolithic

A Different Way of Life: The Neolithic The beginning of the ‘early Neolithic’ (c.4100-3000 BCE) saw individuals in society move from Mesolithic foraging to a more domesticated, sedentary [...]


The Cynon Valley in Prehistory: The Mesolithic

The Cynon Valley in Prehistory The prehistory of the Cynon Valley remains a distant image, its past obscured. Through archaeological investigations, we have begun to learn more about the valley’s [...]


A Neolithic Axe from Mynydd Bwlfa

YThe Cynon Valley Museum’s collection stretches back to the Neolithic (4100BC – 2500BC) when people had recently introduced farming in Wales, but had not discovered the technology to manufacture [...]