The Cynon Valley Collection 

The Cynon Valley Museum is home to the Cynon Valley Collection. The collection is where over 20,000 objects, documents, and photographs are kept to preserve the history of the Cynon Valley.

The Cynon Valley Collection is kept under the guardianship of the Rhondda Cynon Taf Heritage Service who are responsible for approving new items, managing the collection, and the conservation of the items which are accessioned.


Stories from the


The Cynon Valley Collection, is the story of our valley from the earliest times to the present day. It is the story of you, your family and friends and the people of the Cynon Valley. Each object in the collection has a story to tell, ‘Stories from the Collection’ takes a look at the objects which make up our collection, shining a light on the individual stories which makes up the history of the Cynon Valley.

Follow this link here to find out how everyday objects can reveal what life was like in Cynon Valley in years gone by.

If you have a story to tell? Click on this link to get in touch.

Donating Items to

the Museum

If you have an object you wish to donate to the Museum, please read the donation page for more information. Click on this link to access the donation page.

The decision for new acquisitions is made by the RCT Heritage Service, which is based at the Rhondda Heritage Park. Staff from the Heritage Service are at the Cynon Valley Museum once a fortnight.

Revealing Jewish Heritage

in the Cynon Valley

The Jewish History Association of South Wales (JHASW) are researching Jewish Heritage in the Cynon Valley and across Rhondda Cynon Taf. Over the last year JHASW staff and volunteers have been working to reveal Jewish Heritage in the collection held at the Cynon Valley Museum. This has revealed numerous items relating to Jewish heritage from the 19th and 20th centuries.

You can find out more about their research in three digital exhibitions looking at prominent Jewish figures and businesses in our community. The Life of Victor Freed, Morris Jacob: A Draper for All and Merchants and Moneylenders: Popular Jewish Businesses in the Cynon Valley.

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