Gone: Catrin Flood
Gone by Caitlin Flood-MolyneuxFrom The Series “Going Away In Order To Return”

At Cynon Valley Museum, we host a programme of temporary exhibitions across our two temporary gallery spaces, Mezzanine Gallery and Lower Gallery and our online gallery Exhibition at Home. We are proud to support local artists, artistans and craft people, showcasing the best talent from the Cynon Valley.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic we are unable to open the Mezzanine Gallery, we are constantly reviewing the situation and will reopen the gallery when it is safe to do so.

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Current Exhibitions

Barbara Castle:

01.07.2021 – 31.07.2021

The Valleys are unique, the vision we see today is the product of one unique story….

“The urban form of the Valleys grew out of the physical constraints of the place. Linear, narrow valley bottoms congested with pits, spoil, roads, canals and railways, meant that housing was squeezed into every available and ‘build-able’ inch of leftover space in the mad, Klondike-like rush to mine the coal”

Barbara Castle in this exhibition brings to life the unique story of our valleys through the depiction of the Valley’s unique townscapes, landscapes, and industrial heritage. Barbara through this exhibition argues for a better appreciation of our Valley’s landscape and local aesthetic which we now see threatened. When she shuts her eyes and thinks of the Valleys Barbara sees….

” a unique vernacular, a particular grain to the pattern of man in the landscape. An aesthetic formed out of the mining history of the place – long lines, clean cut angles and shapes, rectilinear forms, stones, slates, the predominantly grey monotone splashed with the occasional blues and reds of engineering brick trim.”

“What do you see when you close your eyes?”

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Storm: Catrin Flood
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Stories from the Collection

The Mezzanine Gallery and Lower Gallery are home to the museum’s temporary exhibition programme. The Museum holds a diverse programme of exhibitions including, local artists and groups, national art bodies, artists and historic exhibitions.

Through our online gallery Exhibition at Home and Stories from the Collection, Cynon Valley Museum brings the culture and history into your homes through regular digital exhibitions and articles researching  the history of the Cynon Valley.


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