Railways of the Cynon valley

This story from the collection will take you on a whistle stop tour of the valley’s railways through several photographs from the Cynon Valley Museum. We will look at some railway ‘outposts’ of [...]


Y Côr Mawr Commemorative Medal

This fine silver commemorative medal was presented by Richard Fothergill of Abernant House, ironmaster and Member of Parliament for Aberdare and Merthyr Tydfil to each member of Y Côr Mawr [...]


A Lloyd George Bread and Butter Plate

At the beginning of the First World War Britain was heavily reliant on imports for its food. It was necessary to import 78% of the wheat and flour and 40% of the meat needed to supply the [...]


A historic walk around Aberdare town centre

Many of us visit Aberdare to shop and for social purposes, but how well do we know it and observe as we walk around? This post reveals some of the history of Aberdare Town Centre, including [...]


Framing Jewish Histories

Hi, I am Klavdija Erzen and I am the Project Manager for the Jewish History Association of South Wales (JHASW). JHASW was established in January 2018 to preserve the cultural heritage of the [...]


Photography imitating art

The Cynon Valley has been home to many talented artists over history. This week we look into the lives of two very different artists – photographer Hans Hoyer, and “the Welsh Van Gogh”, Nicholas [...]


A Neolithic Axe from Mynydd Bwlfa

The Cynon Valley Museum’s collection stretches back to the Neolithic (4100BC – 2500BC) when farming had recently been introduced to Wales and technology to manufacture metal tools remained [...]


The Abernant Station Sign

Among several railway items displayed at the Cynon Valley Museum is the metal British Railways (Western Region) sign from Abernant Station (not the sign pictured above). Abernant Railway Station [...]


Mr G. I. John’s Wagon Models

This latest article tells the stories of four model wagons in the Cynon Valley collection. G. I. John: Town librarian, Aberdare. The four examples of model wagons in this article belonged to Mr [...]


Sister, sister: 19th century sketches of the Cynon valley

The Museum holds a significant collection of sketches by the Bacon Sisters, many of which are available to view on the People’s Collection Wales website. Who were the Bacon sisters? The sketches [...]