Virtual Museum / Virtual Poet

Reflections from Rachel Carney The last few months have been strange, bordering on the surreal, as so much of our daily lives, our habits and interactions, have gone virtual. While many of us, [...]


Museum Manager

We’re recruiting! Would you like to lead the Cynon Valley Museum through the next stage of its development? As Museum Manager you will head up our dedicated team, working alongside the [...]



Crow a poem by Rachel Carney in response to ‘Mother and Child Flight’ by Karin Mear I follow my crow up the road hopping aside to let the people pass wait! wait for me! she flits away   turns [...]


A Metamorphosis

A Metamorphosis a poem by Rachel Carney in response to photographs of the Phurnacite Plant at Abercwmboi, taken by Hans Hoyer Ignore the dirt and clamour, try not to cough, just wait for the [...]


Railways of the Cynon Valley

This blog will take you on a whistle-stop tour of the valley’s railways via photographs from the Cynon Valley Museum collection. This includes some railway ‘outposts’, an example of railways and [...]


The Shadows

The Shadows a poem by Rachel Carney in response to ‘Lockdown’ by Karin Mear They measure out the flat span of each red day that passes or shape themselves – shadows of shadows inside shadows. [...]



Yellow a poem by Rachel Carney in response to ‘When the Singing Stopped’ by Karin Mear a cage of feathers, light as breath, a flare amid the groan and roar, a song flung from the womb [...]



Stare a poem by Rachel Carney in response to ‘Kings of the Hill’ by Roy Carr Hooves sunk in the snow, they ruminate in their world of white hills, barbed wire and far horizons. They munch on [...]


Y Côr Mawr Commemorative Medal

This blog post tells the story behind the Y Côr Mawr Commemorative Medal, belonging to the museum collection, and the connected story of the choir and its conductor, Caradog. This fine silver [...]



Night a poem by Rachel Carney in response to ‘Night Bird’ by Karin Mear   The white, scratched shell of my spirit – what’s left of it – lies in this nest, beneath the shadow of my silence. [...]

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