Cynon Valley Museum Winter Covid Closure

Due to recent changes in Covid-19 guidance from the Welsh Government, Cynon Valley Museum Trust are sad to announce that we are required to close from 4pm on Friday 4th of December.  [...]


Cynon Valley Museum Sets Reopening Date

The Cynon Valley Museum Trust following the end of Wales’ second lockdown has set a proposed opening date for the museum for Saturday 21st November, marking an important point in the museum’s [...]


The Cynon Valley in Prehistory: The Bronze Age

The Bronze Age The Bronze Age period stretches across the end of the Neolithic, 1750 years from 2500BC to 750BC to the start of the Iron Age. In comparison, that would be the same as seeing the [...]


Drawing With Carrie Francis

Drawing with Carrie Francis Join artist Carrie Francis on the 19th November at 2pm for a live 20 minute workshop on continuous line drawing. Join in from home, or just sit back relax and enjoy [...]


Trustees Week at Cynon Valley Museum

“Over One Million Trustees” Across United Kingdom there are 196,000 charities, every single one of them requires trustees. There are over one million trustees in the United Kingdom. [...]