Outdoors Indoors: Episode Two of Cynon at Home

Outdoors Indoors celebrates Wales a “country opulent in dramatic backgrounds, glorious seascapes and beautiful countryside that demonstrates an extensive diversity covering forests, [...]


A Metamorphosis

A Metamorphosis a poem by Rachel Carney in response to photographs of the Phurnacite Plant at Abercwmboi, taken by Hans Hoyer Ignore the dirt and clamour, try not to cough, just wait for the [...]



Stare a poem by Rachel Carney in response to ‘Kings of the Hill’ by Roy Carr Hooves sunk in the snow, they ruminate in their world of white hills, barbed wire and far horizons. They munch on [...]


Photography imitating art

The Cynon Valley has been home to many talented artists over history. Here we look into the lives of two very different artists – photographer Hans Hoyer and “the Welsh Van Gogh”, Nicholas Evans [...]