Cynon Valley Museum Secures Funding to Increase Museums Accessibility

Cynon Valley Museum Trust (CVMT) has secured funding to increase the museums accessibility through the redevelopment of its toilets and creation of ground floor office space.


Redevelopment of the Museums Toilets

The major redevelopment of the museum’s toilets will increase the accessibility of the museum’s toilets to the public, volunteers and staff. The current arrangement of toilets will be altered, to install a quiet space which can be utilised for a variety of needs by the public, a new accessible toilet, and a further two self-contained toilets. This will revitalise the museums toilets installing new equipment and increasing the overall accessibility of the museum.

Richard Jones the museum’s Chair and Access Advisor at Accessible Wales said…

“We have always been aware that our toilet facilities are not acceptable for disabled people.  We strive to offer an accessible welcoming facility to everyone and this new development does exactly that.  I think the new toilet will empower disabled people to be able to use the museum independently without fear of embarrassment or distress.

The quiet room also offers somewhere for people who may need time away from a possible noisy or busy environment.  This could be for someone who has autism and needs to take five minutes out, or a mother who is breast feeding and wants to do so in private.  We are breastfeeding friendly, but recognise that some mothers may want to do this in private, they can do this in our new quiet room”


Creation of a Ground Floor Office

The creation of the ground floor office will provide an addition office space in the museum which is accessible to staff and volunteers and increase the potential capacity of the museum team to continue carrying out the museums work in the local community.


Preparing for Current and Future Needs

This redevelopment is now particularly relevant to the museum’s future than ever before. The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic has changed the needs of staff and the public. For example, more space needed to ensure social distancing and pleasant visitor experience for all. The redevelopment of the museum’s toilets and creation of a new office will help ensure the museum continues to offer a high-quality visitor experience and enable staff the opportunity to work in Covid safe environments.


This Has Been Made Possible By…

This important redevelopment has been thanks to funding from MALD (Museums, Archives & Libraries Division, part of the Welsh Government) and the Welsh Church Act Fund.


When Will This Work Be Taking Place?

The building works will be commenced over March and April 2021 during the continued closure due to the current Covid-19 restrictions. You may see over the coming weeks whilst the museum remains closed to the public the Museum carpark utilised by contractors.

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