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Its time to sign up and join Cynon Valley Museum in bringing history and art to your home! Join us over the next 8 weeks as we talk about local history, art and much more! Each week we will be joined by a guest speaker, who will be talking about a different subject related to the museum and the Cynon Valley.

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Episode 1: The Museum

Join us as we take a look at the history of the museum itself and one their first exhibitions “Speed” this is the story of the Linton Brothers and Jimmy Michael. We take a look back to when the Cynon Valley produced some of the greatest cyclists and sportsmen of the 19th century. They were some of the very first sport stars. They lived fast, racing and winning across Europe, beating records as they went along, becoming famous figures where ever they went. Find our more about the Linton Brothers here.

Live Event 3pm 10th July

Recorded Event: Coming soon


Episode 2: Outdoors Indoors Part One

We are joined by Disability Arts Cymru to go through their digital exhibition Outdoors Indoors. An exhibition celebrating the beauty of Wales. We will be joined by guests Alan Whitfield (DAC’s National Visual Arts Officer), photographer Roy Barry and artist Jan Williams. To view the exhibition, follow the link here.

Live Event: 3pm 17th July

Recorded Event: Coming Soon


Episode 3: Outdoors Indoors Part Two

We are back with Disability Arts Cymru for their second event with the museum as we continue discussing their latest exhibition Outdoors Indoors. We will be joined by guests Alan Whitfield (DAC’s National Visual Arts Officer) and photographers Dave Peacock and Suzie Larke. You can see the full exhibition here. This week we will take a focused looked at the photography entries to this years competition.

Live Event 3pm 31st July

Recorded event Coming soon


Episode 4: Women in the Miners Strike 1984-5

This week we are joined by the Women in the Miners Strike project. This landmark research project sought to reveal the 1984-5 miners strike from the perspective of the women who were there. Over 2018 and 2019 a team of researchers went out interviewing and recording the experiences of women from coalfields across Great Britain, including hear in the Cynon Valley. This project revealed how they played a part in making history. Click this link to see their digital exhibition.

Live Event 3pm 7th August

Recorded event: coming soon


Episode 5: Wales’ Homeless World Cup

Last year saw Wales host the Homeless World Cup. With photographer Nigel Whitbread we look back to last summer and discuss Wales’ Homeless World Cup which saw more than 500 players representing over 50 countries travel to Cardiff to attend the week-long free festival of football. We will then take a look through Nigel’s exhibition created for the museum. Click this link to see the full exhibition.

Live Event 3pm 14th August  

Recorded Event: coming soon


Episode 6: Finding Forbidden Lives

Join us with guest speaker author and historian Norena Shopland. The terminology we use today to describe LGBT+ people is modern – how then can we possibly find people from the past if we don’t have words to describe them? This was a problem Norena encountered when writing the first completely historical work on sexual orientation and gender identity in Wales, Forbidden Lives: LGBT stories from Wales. Join us as we discuss the work of Norena and her work to aid those wishing to research LGBT+ history with her forthcoming publication A Practical Guide to Searching LGBTQIA Historical Records which will be published by Roultledge books on 12th November 2020. Click this link to download the free research guide Queering Glamorgan.

Live Event 3pm 21st August

Recorded Event: coming soon


Episode 7: A Year in Their Lives: Sheep Farming in the Cynon Valley

Bedlinog based photographer Roy Carr spent a year documenting sheep farming in the Cynon Valley where he worked with three farms. He recorded key events in the farming year: lambing, shearing, hay making, ‘dipping’, selling and winter grazing, sensitively capturing the interaction between people and their animals. Join us as we discuss this landmark exhibition with Roy himself, gaining a unique insight into the rural Cynon Valley through the lens of Roy’s camera. Click this link to see the full exhibition.

Live event 3pm 28th August

Recorded Event: coming soon


Episode 8: Framing Jewish Histories

The Jewish History Association of South Wales over the last year has been researching Jewish heritage in South Wales over the last two years. Last year they created and delivered 22 talks and a 14-week long touring exhibition exhibiting across 14 different locations. Since then JHASW has been working with Cynon Valley Museum, Pontypridd Museum and RCT Heritage Services to research and identify Jewish heritage in existing museum collections. The work from these projects at the Cynon Valley Museum have been revealed in 3 digital exhibitions. Join us for a discussion about identifying the stories which have been hidden and the work to reveal them. Click this link to see the full exhibitions.

Live event 3pm 4th September

Recorded Event: coming soon


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