I look at you what’s real
what’s not

Your hair your teeth your smile, your lot
Do you care,
do I care,
does it matter at all
What’s real what’s not

U glance we stare
look at you what’s real what’s not
your smile your hair

Do you care
do I care
does it matter at all
what’s real what’s not

Do I stand
do I fall
Who see’s
Who hears
Is it love or fear

Do we trust ourselves or anyone else
not left on a shelf
what drives us
pushes us

Makes us trust
Makes us believe

 Wishes and dreams
bought and sold
Made into body’s
Magic behold
Is it real is it not

So we trade our souls
Our respect, our love
Do we care what’s inside or even above
Do we fuck

Only bought or sold
iawaska I’m told
Micro dosing,
tantra Behold
Help u or harm u
Drugs They’re deliver

The young the old
tictoc explodes
fb, snapchat
So it could be done so easily
To Be in that room!

A web of intrigue,
of games to be playing
who’s telling the truth
treading Or venting

For us it’s never ending

gossip, reality
Fake news
Fake lives, fake tan, fake glam, it’s a slam

 who’s living for real
who’s sold as a slave
Who pays for that trade

What cost is it all
for us to pretend,
The clothes
make up
Who suffers in the end
paying the price
living on rice

cute cats
prank falls
Do u care for it all
Looks like you’re having a ball

With coke dealers dealing k time to time
Does it really feel nice
Taking those weekend hits
deepening those emotional pits
who does it supply, support
prop up
Do u really give a fuck

We borrow/buy time
world pain growing larger and larger
get that fix
those extensions
that nip and tuck
It’s clear now
u really don’t give a f

Do we care, do u care
Who-am I to say,
critiquing this day

bamboo bottles
the clearest water
Just another onslaught of fashion
Consumed by sons n daughters

Newisms, trends
Go green
it’s the dream
Inclusion I hear
For Those still stuck in

Those limits, exclusion,
Who’s Feeling stuck
Now your moving
Will u still give a fuck

Can we continue
Sell the last piece
pay lip service
Give a pound of flesh
Your dollar relinquishing that pain in your chest

Will we ever give enough of the world back again
Stop producing
Children abound
With nowhere to live on earths ground

Greed, skunk weed but no cbd
Ask your local mp
Morphines ok for likes of u for me
unless u pay privately
Fair system they say, that’s the Government today

will it stop
Oh yeh
for a second it did

Nature lashed out
Spread your disease
traffic stopped
Money Hurt in the attack
So Now we lashed back

Are you lost or found
Did you hear the sound
The line has been drawn

We are at the dawn
While we battle
we harm
Leaving no calm,
just breathe
U may feel relieved

Take a breath while u can

Choose wisely my friend
or this really could be
the beginning of the end!


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