Ironworks, N Burridge, 2020
IronworksN Burridge

Exhibition at Home

Neil Burridge

Neil is a painter based in Tonyrefail, South Wales. He holds degrees from Bath Spa University, the University of South Wales and has recently graduated from two years of training in drawing, anatomy and oil painting at the Broadway Drawing School in Cardiff. He has taught on the Art and Design Foundation course in Coleg Y Cymoedd for the last twenty years.

Painting is an existential endeavour, an act of purposeful uncertainty. I confront representations of people or humble objects, during a period of societal unrest and decline. I paint portraits or still life from observation, and develop them using indirect painting method in the studio. Indirect painting allows time and thought to shape the work, extending the the postponement of resolution in the work.

Teacher, N Burridge, 2020
TeacherN Burridge
Self Portrait N Burridge 2019
Self PortraitN Burridge
Nick, N Burridge 2019
NickNeil Burridge
Alan, N Burridge, 2020
AlanN Burridge
Portrait Oil Sketch, Neil Burridge, 2020
Portrait Oil SketchN Burridge
Study after Deakin 2 N Burridge 2020
Study after Deakin 2N Burridge
Study after Deakin 3 N Burridge 2020
Study after Deakin 3N Burridge
Study after Deakin 1 N Burridge 2020
Study after Deakin 1N Burridge

I began with a series of bricks from different locations. Painting a brick, in the traditional that deals with light and form, one questions the nature of edges. In the hand, the brick is firm and coherent, but in painting, edges can be lost, and form opened out to the shadows. To paint a brick, in a state of unknowing, is to dissolve the brick, dissolve the self that looks at the brick, and to pass through uncertainty with brick held firmly in hand. It is to encounter hypostasis. The brick is a thought, a form that moves between open and closed, real and unreal, presence and absence. The brick that is dreamt and the brick that sits on the table. The brick that sits on the canvas exists in the state between them both. Painting is a relationship with substances, a physical act that necessitates the operation of conceptual apparatus, driven by personal exigency.

Crosby Bricks, N Burridge, 2020
Crosby BricksN Burridge
Work, N Burridge, 2020
WorkN Burridge
Home, N Burridge, 2019
HomeN Burridge
Hammer, N Burridge, 2019
HammerN Burridge
Glasgow Vent Brick, N Burridge, 2019
Glasgow Vent BrickN Burridge
Coedely Brick, N Burridge, 2019
Coedely BrickN Burridge
Barrow, N Burridge, 2020
BarrowN Burridge
Shovel, N Burridge, 2019
ShovelN Burridge
Master copy 2019 after Caravaggio,  ‘The incredulity of St Thomas’ Neil Burridge
Master copy 2019 after Caravaggio, 'The incredulity of St Thomas'Neil Burridge

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