Exhibition at Home: Hirwaun Library Art Group

Hirwaun Library Art Group is a group of 14  artists who have been established since January 2018. They all come from within the Cynon Valley. The members bring to the group a variety of life experiences in different occupations and family situations, but with a common interest in pursuing enjoyment from and improvement in art in its varied forms.

The group mostly works in watercolours, acrylics, pen and wash, pencil and pastels. As a group they come together to form a sociable group which helps and inspires each other, discussing ideas and giving advice they have acquired from their experiences.

Throughout the last six months as the group experienced lockdown and the ongoing covid-19 pandemic, many of their members have taken inspiration from their gardens, the local landscape, their pets and the people around them. The group hopes their art can also inspire the general public to be more aware of the possibilities for art in their own local environments and to give art a go themselves

“We hope you can appreciate that some of our members have had absolutely no formal education in art and before joining the group were mostly all self-taught. We do benefit now from the help and advice of one very experienced member, Amanda Monk, who has had a very keen interest and ability in art since childhood, having lived in Kenya for part of her life, she continues to inspire and amaze us particularly with her detailed animal drawings and paintings.

We hope that you can appreciate the diversity in the art we are exhibiting here, a reflection of our differing interests and talents”

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