Roy Carr

A Year In Their Lives

Bedlinog based photographer Roy Carr spent a year documenting sheep farming in the Cynon Valley where he worked with three farms. He recorded key events in the farming year: lambing, shearing, hay making, ‘dipping’, selling and winter grazing, sensitively capturing the interaction between people and their animals.

There is an intimacy about his photographs which comes from the relationship he developed with the people. This gave him close access, providing an insight into the physical demands as they work in all weathers throughout the year.

This was also a photographic journey as he explored new forms of photography and saw his own relationship with photography evolve as the projected continued.

We hope you enjoy the exhibition.

Ewe and Lamb
01. Ewe and LambI had watched this lamb being born just 10 minutes earlier
Bottle Fed
02. Bottle FedOrphaned lambs take their milk from bottles
03 Let me Out
03. Let Me OutEwes are very protective if their offspring

“I come from a landscape background. This was a slow, meditative work as I tried to communicate my connection to, and passion for the outdoors. People hardly ever featured in these photographs.”

04 Exploring
04. ExploringLambs, quickly start to get to know their environment
05. IforIfor walking his sheep
06. Moving On
06. Moving OnSheep being moved to fresh pasture
07 One Man and His Dog
07. One man and His dogIfor on a filthy day with his sheep and dog

“This project could not have been more different. People are what it’s about, capturing them and their way of life.”

Roy Car: 08 Waiting
08. WaitingSheep penned ready for shearing
09. Shearing
09. ShearingCraig wrestles with a ram

“My people skills were more important than my camera skills. Effectively I was making photographs in their homes and they could ask me to leave at any time”

10. FreedomA ewe makes her escape after shearing
11. Shearing Shoes
13. Baling
12. BalingLeaving behind a round bale
12. Winnowing
13. WinnowingDrying hay ready for baling
15. The Auctioneers at Penderyn Sheep Market
14. The Auctioneers at Penderyn Sheep Market

“The project allowed me to tell a story. I started from a position of almost total ignorance. As I learned more about what the farmers did and how they did it, this presented new possibilities.”

14. Penderyn Sheep Market
15. Penderyn sheep MarketOver 2,000 animals gathered for sale
16. Eyeing Them Up
16. Eyeing Them UpA farmer checks out the stock before bidding
17. Treating Fly Strike
17. Treating Fly StrikeIfor trying to kill maggots which gorged on this ewe
18. Dousing
18. DousingIfor dousing his sheep to protect them from fly strike
19. Dipping
20. King of the Hill
20. Kings of the HillWinter Grazing

Would you like to see more of Roy’s work? Click on this link to visit his website Royscapes.

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