Jayne K: Bewitching Aberdare Tour

Aberdare Park; A parallel magical world…

Jayne K is a digital artist and 3D creator who has been published 4 times in printed magazines in the U.S. and who can count ITV presenter Ruth Dodsworth as a fan.

“In the summer of 2019 I started adding a hint of magic to my local surroundings by adding unicorns, dragons, angels, and other supernatural beings to photographs I had taken during that year.

I’ve always been very aware of the beautiful scenery we have around us here in the Cynon Valley and I thought it would be fun to help draw people’s attention to what we have by adding a hint of magic to my photographs.  This resulted in mixed media pieces: my photographs with the additions of my 3D characters.

We have all been through such a dark time and my ‘Bewitching Aberdare’ project is lighthearted and fun, and I hope it will raise a smile with those who see it.  The photographs I am showing in this exhibition all feature Aberdare Park.

So follow the photographs as we take a virtual tour of the Park and its magical inhabitants.

As you enter the Park through the main gates and walk up the roadway, perched atop the Park sign are 2 fairies having a tête-à-tête, while just around the corner to the left is the ornamental fountain in which 5 more fairies are enjoying the coolness of the fountain water on such a hot sunny day.


As you continue on your walk, perched on the café roof is a winged creature taking in what’s going on around her:

fairies hitching rides on the backs of the geese, chatting while resting their own wings; Nia the mermaid smiling at a passing human but they don’t see her of course; the flower fairy in conversation with a goose;


the ghosts of a Victorian flower seller hoping to make a sale with a couple out for a romantic stroll.   


Nearby, a beautiful angelic figure admires the carpet of daisies,


… while under the shade of the trees, relaxing in the cool grass, is a girl with her unicorn.

Up high in one of the trees is what looks, to mere mortals, like a nesting box but what they don’t see is the fairy hovering outside the doorway to her home. 


In the vicinity of the Druid’s stone circle are three baby dragons attending Dragon School where they are learning how to breathe fire (away from the trees of course!) 


As darkness falls Rowena, one of many Welsh witches, flies over the same area enjoying the peace and solitude of her evening flight over the park.

As you leave the Park via the main entrance gates you may find yourself glancing to the left at the beautiful water feature because you think you’ve seen movement of some sort out of the corner of your eye and maybe you have, maybe you’ve caught a glimpse of the nymphs who move as one with the flowers and the breeze.  At other times you may feel a chill as the present becomes entangled with the past.


Magic is everywhere and if you look hard enough you just may catch a glimpse of something that will make you think ‘maybe there is more to this world than meets the eye’.

July 2019:

Councillor Rhys Lewis, Cabinet Member for Stronger Communities, Wellbeing & Cultural Services, said “We live in a beautiful County Borough, and the pieces created by Jayne K’s BewitchingArt add another dimension to that.

“Jayne K’s BewitchingArt has captured perfectly key landmarks in and around Aberdare, while adding a quirky twist to our favourite places.

“Aberdare Park and Dare Valley Country Park are two of the most popular attractions in the Cynon Valley, with the Council investing significantly in both destinations in recent years, ensuring they continue to be much loved and well used.

“It’s pleasing to see a local artist drawing inspiration from the local area, whilst showing them in a new light. I wish Jayne all the very best with the new work, and look forward to seeing more in the future.”

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