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Project Unity is a LGBT+ peer to peer support charity primarily based in the Cynon valley and recently expanded into Merthyr Tydfil, set up in 2015 by Alex Lonan (CEO) following homophobic attacks, that lead to a realisation that there were no support groups within RCT to be able to turn to for help or advice.

Project Unity originally set up under the name Cynon Valley Equality Association with guidance from Visible SMT (A former LGBT+ group in Merthyr Tydfil), over time the name changed to match our core values of bringing everyone together in Unity.

We are purely run by volunteers who all share a common interest of unity and promote positive attitudes within the area. Project Unity offers peer to peer support, we understand everyone has a different background and story so we advise as best we can.


Monthly Coffee Afternoons

We meet every third Saturday of the month from 12 until 2pm at the Cynon valley museum, who have supported the group and are a close ally to our cause.

Our coffee afternoon offers a warm and friendly environment where people can be free to be themselves without the fear of being discriminated against, Coffee afternoons are open to anyone LGBT+, 16+ and those who are allies of our cause.


Events at Cynon Valley Museum

We do this by providing free events such as lectures within the Cynon Valley Museum to raise awareness in issues facing the LGBT+ community.

We also put on social events such as LGBT+ club nights and masquerade balls, these in turn both create a safe space for people to be themselves as well as bringing the community together further increasing awareness and reducing social anxiety.


Event: Bisexual Awareness Week

Join Project Unity and Cynon Valley Museum for a panel discussion on the 25th September at 3pm for Bisexual Awareness Week with guest speakers Rania Vamvaka, Vaneet  Mehta, panel chair Dan Vo, Ele Hicks and Fennec. Click here for more information

Spaces are limited, to book your place email admin@cynonvalleynmuseum.wales to confirm your attendance, we look forward to you joining us for this conversation.


All content (text) on this page has been provided by Project Unity, for any queries or issues relating to this page please contact Project with the information above.

Project Unity
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