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Oriel space at Cynon Valley Museum - Cynon Valley Museum Trust
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The Oriel Space

The Oriel Space is our biggest gallery space where we celebrate local artists and stories. Exhibitions in this space change regularly, so there is always something new to see!

To get in touch about exhibiting here, use our contact form. 

2019 Exhibitions

Rugby: in the land of our fathers

Opens 30th August – closes 28th September

In the run up to the start of the Rugby World Cup, this exhibition will explore the impact of the game in the Cynon Valley, from clubs bringing communities together, to international success stories from our doorstep.

Aberdare Art Society: Annual Show

Opens 4th October – closes 19th October

“The Aberdare Art Society was established in 1938. The members produce work in a variety of media and are inspired to produce their work from wide ranging sources of inspiration. This exhibition showcases the Society’s 2019 work and the talent of local people.”

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Photography: Japanese Portraits & Intentional Camera Movement

Opens 25th October – closes 9th November

This exhibition will feature the work of two local artists focussed on the theme of Japanese Portraits and medium of Intentional Camera Movement.


Serialist Art Collective: Sufferance 

Opens 15th Noevmber – closes 30th November

“I am an abstract, expressionist artist based in Cardiff. I have been artistically creative most of my life but came a self-employed artist in 2009 as “arielartanddesign”. I have a studio in a warehouse on Splott and a small workshop at home. I prefer to work in oil on canvas but I design and make decor for festivals in acrylic on calico, some of which have been used for the BBC TV Series ‘Craith’.

I also write a fanzine, poetry and short stories, some of which I have illustrated. I like to invent themes and concepts for group exhibitions and am one of the founder members of the ‘The Serialist Art Collective’. including exhibitions Metemorphosis in 2009 and Epiphany in 2016. I like to work from a grid to which I add patterns and formations that build up over layer upon layer carefully blending vibrant colours. I pride myself on my colourisatio. I have developed my own idiosyncratic style and technique. This can be earily recognised as my own.

This exhibition is based aroudn the idea of people who ‘fight for their cause’, their beliefs, hopes, dreams, religion. Open to putting themselves in the line of fire. For example, the Suffragettes, the Chartists, the Starving artist or Martyr.

CVM Christmas Exhibition 

Opens 6th December – closes 21st December

Explore some of the work of the most popular artists who have exhibited over the past three years – a chance to revisit a favourite exhibition, or treat yourself to an early Christmas gift.

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