The Mezzanine Gallery

The Mezzanine Gallery is the second of our gallery spaces, boasting an excellent overview of the permanent Museum space and a bright, spacey area to display. The displays here change regularly so there is always something new to see!

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2019 Exhibitions

Rosalys Anthony: Arcane/Enigma 

Opens 5th January – closes 26th January

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Incomers: a history of people in and out of the Cynon Valley 

Opens 2nd February – closes 16th February

This exhibition celebrates the presence of people in the Cynon Valley from the first humans to venture into the Valley after the ice sheets receeded until the present day.

Iswlyn Thorne: Delicate Vulnerability: the female form from Classical, through Renaissance to now.

Opens 22nd February – closes 23rd March

“From numerous hours spent drawing the human form in museums in Europe and the USA, amassing many sketchbooks, particularly 4th and 5th century Greek Sculpture, and the works of Michelangelo. More recently, in the USA, the work has spring from life drawings.
All these become paintings!”

Ann Clwyd MP: Photographs of the Cynon Valley 

Opens 29th March – closes 27th April

Welsh Photographic Federation: Welsh Photographic Salon 2019

Opens 4th May – closes 1st June

*across both galleries*

The WPF is an affiliation of over 50 camera clubs in the South Wales area. It is affiliated to the Photographic Alliance of Great Britain (PAGB), the Fédération Internationale de l’Art Photographique (FIAP), and the Photographic Society of America (PSA). It aims to promote and raise the standard of Welsh photography and to support its members in achieving photographic excellence. This exhibition will consist of roughly 150 framed photographs from all over Wales, selected from the best of their members’ work for the year.

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Coleg y Cymoedd: Aberdare Creative 2019

Opens 7th June – closes 29th June

*across both galleries*

“This exhibition will include students’ work from the Level 1, 2 and 3 Creative Media, and Foundation degree Game Art and Design cohorts. This is a great opportunity to view the Coleg y Cymoedd Aberdare creative students’ end of year show. This will include a wide and varied range of work from digital media films, graphic art posters, game designs, photography and fine art. This is a brilliant occassion to promote the work of students from Aberdare and surrounding areas, and also to publicise some of the further education courses we provide at Coleg y Cymoedd Aberdare.”

Susan Barber: Recent Paintings 

Opens 5th July – closes 3rd August

“I’ve loved drawing and painting since I was a child. For over thirty years since I completed my Fine Art Degree, I maintained my interest by painting in my spare time. Since 2014 (when I was given early retirement), I have been fortunate to be able to devote far more time to my artistic efforts. I find inspiration in visiting galleries and looking at the work of others, but most of all in the beauty of the natural world. More often than not it is colour, light, pattern and texture combining, sometimes unexpectedly, catching the eye and setting the challenge to capture it in paint.”




Eleanor Whiteman: Landscape Wales

Opens 13th September – closes 28th September

“Growing up in Wales has provided me with a huge range of inspiration regarding landscape. I have a degree in Geology and Photography which has influenced my practice as has my interest in nature and the relationship between art and science. I am a member of Cardiff Prints Workshop and use many processes including Lino printing/etching/monoprint and woodcut. I have recently worked on a body of work with ceramicist Phil Hughes combining lino printing and ceramics for an exhibition at Y Galeri in Caerphilly. I also use paint and mixed media and enjoy the process of exploring the crossover between techniques.”

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The Shared Walk Group: Shared Walk – Expansion

Opens 25th October – closes 23rd November

“The Shared Walk Group is a community of South Wales based artists who seek to engage with other communities locally, nationally and internationally. We work in a wide range of media including performance, painting, cermaics, photography, sound and installation. Individually and collectively our work addresses themes of containment and fragmentation, inviting the deconstruction and reconsideration of responses in the psyche in relation to the viewed object. We are curious about themes such as echoes of memory and the evocation of nestalgia. We draw on diverse professional backgrounds and cultural experiences to evoke a range of interactive possibilities.”

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Sandra Anstiss: The Hands Have It

Opens 29th November – closes 21st December

“Many of the images I produce have an aspect of storytelling which is inspired by personal memories and interactions with people and everday life, whilst others reflect my love of nature and the world around me. Everyone and everything has a story and a story can be told in many different ways. So – let me tell you my story!

The artworks in this exhibition evolved from my initial quest to find alternative ways of producing monoprints without the use of a press, and over the last few years I’ve been researching and learning the techniques of hand printing through the use of non-traditional grounds, or plates. Following this research I now hand madke plates made from a combination of gelatin, glycerin and water which when ciombined sets to a thick jelly-like consistency, and the majority of work in this exhibition includes some portion of this technique.”

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